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Once, each offering Apple's phone last night , can lead to a large area of ​​fruit powder queue overnight for the first time just to get the latest mobile phone, or even increase purchase also without any hesitation . Today, this sensation produced by the brand or product does not only happen on the phone. Beijing time on December 21 , is retro jordan 12 days of basketball shoes on behalf engraved Global Offering , more than a dozen cities in the U.S. Nike jordan retro 12 or shopping scene out of control , people to grab this limited edition pair of shoes , and a large Some even hit the shot fired . In many people, for a pair of shoes lined up overnight , even fight the increase of the purchase , absolutely ridiculous , but in the world , in China , in Chongqing, which brought culture shoes and sneakers shoes economic boom, has been there air jordan 2014 ( hereinafter referred to as AJ), is the god of basketball Michael Jordan 's personal brand , its first since entering the NBA season began , every year, the introduction of new sports technology and fashion concepts of each section , are then cutting-edge design . Occasionally , air jordan 12 will be launched before this engraved or redesign mostly limited quantity , it makes people like AJ shoes in droves.

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Shoes on sale on the 21st for the new color gamma blue 11 shoes , in order to grab a pair of the latest models of sports shoes, Nike shoe store or shopping scene more than a dozen cities in the United States out of control , it was a fight , the police maintain order was hit , It was even shot . Police used pepper spray to disperse the crowd , jordan retro 12 had issued a statement urging people to buy new shoes, safety politely .

Runners have put Air Jordan 12 Original Playoffs (Black Varsity Red White Metallic Silver), a various feeling, nevertheless, the crucial technology.Air Jordan 12 (XII) look so pretty funky and beautiful.However, most people feel discomfort from Jordan Retro after passing sometime.This special technique allows an individual to become more agile when moving and restrict the foot flexibility and movement too.

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